Welcome to Mentoring South East

Welcome to Mentoring South East, a collaboration among Big Brothers Big Sisters of KFL&A, Youth Diversion, and BGC South East. Mentoring South East connects adult volunteers in our community to mentoring programs that support the growth and development of children and youth in need. Browse through available programs, based on your interests and availability! Your selection will generate our current volunteer opportunities, so you can find a great fit for mentoring youth in need.

Mentoring is life changing. Mentoring a child or youth for one or two hours per week can be the difference between graduating from high-school, or dropping out; the difference of having the confidence to try out for school teams and join clubs, or staying isolated; and the difference of staying active, physically and mentally, or making unhealthy choices.

You can be that difference! With the help of a mentor, children and youth feel connected to their community and positive about their future.

Browse the Mentoring Programs in your community below!

Mentoring Programs